Geriatric Nutrition

Old age is one among the vulnerable and prone stages in terms of health status. Nutrition is important determining factor of elderly mass specifically over the age of 60 years. Geriatric nutrition has been always underreported, though everyone wants to form the senescence easy. Adequate nutrition is always important for better ageing. Physical activities also are within the same queue of building the ageing a neater process. Health conditions like hypertension, cholesterol, kidney failure, joint problems and cardiac problems should be taken into consideration before starting any quite physical activity.

It requires lot of awareness, motivation and support, physically, mentally and socially. It is found  in the  study  that  by  2050,  around  30%  of people  in  industrialised  countries  will  be  over 65  years.  But,  tremendous  rise  in  chronic diseases  is  increasing  the  risk  of  related disorders  in  elderly.  Malnutrition leads to decreased independence due to physical weakness and muscle wasting. It becomes still important in perspective of elderly masses due to physiological changes in the body.  Immunity weakens with proceeding age which is influenced by lack of nutrients and differed dietary habits.